Plan of Invasion to Holland

Plan of Invasion to Holland was a project I developed in Amsterdam during a residency period at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten between 1996 and 1997.

The plan consisted of a group of actions –A Good Wooden DogThe Invisible Tree and About Sinking– which followed the narrative structure of the classic short story: beginning, middle and end.

These actions were based on three objects (a decoy for attracting dogs, a tree carved in locally-obtained green timber and a 1:5 model of a boat) which worked as props to incite conversation, each object an open-ended question.

I made Plan of Invasion to Holland in response to my personal experience at the Rijksakademie, out of the surprise when hearing for the first time the label “non-western” applied to my culture and my practice. It was the beginning of my interest in processes of decolonisation in general, and in how they affect personal ways of relating to the social and natural environment, an interest I maintain up to this day. It could be also considered my first approach to posthumanism, albeit in just an intuitive way back then.