Epigraph was made during the production of The Slow Bird. It is a transcreation of the shortest story ever, written by Brazilian author Clarice Lispector.
The story was told by Lispector to her child as a bedtime story.
The term “transcreation” was coined by the Brazilian poet and translator Haroldo de Campos to acknowledge the fact that the process of translation is always a creative process.
In the same way that Footnote can be seen as the other side of a coin of The Locked-Room Mystery, the fictional narrative written by Pablo Martín Ruiz -a member of Outranspo– for The Slow Bird book, Epigraph can be seen as a transcreation of the epigraph to said story.




Epigraph (Erase uma vez um pássaro, meu Deus. Clarice Lispector), 2018
Eight fragments from porcelain ornaments broken by seagulls, cotton fabric, text by Clarice Lispector in paper labels and entomology display box.
8 x 42 x 51 cm