Occurrence is the materialisation of the space in between my dog and me while communicating at play. The object was generated by capturing the movement of both bodies in space and translating it into a three dimensional shape. The object has the size of the space you can embrace with your arms.

The installation is completed by several drawings depicting the object from different perspectives; these could be used as movement or sound notation sheets. The viewer becomes the conductor, the interpreter of the sound and movement of a quiet moment captured in a split second.

Occurrence, 2016
3D digital file captured with a hacked sensor and printed in ABS polymer. Ink on paper and metal stands.
Variable measurements / Object 55 x 50 x 70 cm / Drawings 24 x 32 cm

Technical assistance by Mateo Carabajal and Benjamín Felice
Photographs by ©Gustavo Lowry