The sound of the fallen tree in Página12

Art critic Fabián Lebenglik’s article in Página 12 highlights from The sound of the fallen tree the poetic and physical appropriation of the landscape as an answer to the unfamiliar experience of displacement.

Map of shadows

An enthusiastic account by Mariano Soto on The sound of the fallen tree. Mariano places his experience seeing the show at the border between the rational and the irrational, abandoning himself to the perceptual enticements he found and rejoycing in doing...

The fine thread of transformation

Photographer and writer Gabriela Schevach has written in Juanelear an article on The Sound of the Fallen Tree. Her text follows the thread of mimesis and metamorphosis that links the various pieces on the show, from Training to Mountain and uncovers that “(…)This...

The sound of the fallen tree

The sound of the fallen tree is my first solo show in Buenos Aires in 7 years. It can be seen from August 13th till September 23rd at Ignacio Liprandi Arte Contemporáneo, Monday to Friday, from 11:00 till 20:00.

On memory and artistic practice

Forms of remembrance and oblivion, the article written by Eduardo Villar recently published in Sauna, is an insightful analysis on the relationship between making art and the building of collective memory, and how artistic practice can facilitate the re-actualization...