Decoy for Andean Condor

Early in 2011, I was invited to present a project for the Frieze Sculpture Park at Regent’s Park in London. Taking as a starting point the historical, cultural and natural context provided by the park, I decided to initiate single-handedly an Argentinean Invasion to the British Isles by attempting to attract a flock of Andean Condors to London.

The initial idea for the work came out of a misunderstanding that some English friends told me they experienced back in 1982 in relation to the Malvinas/Falklands conflict. Since the island formations in the South Atlantic Ocean are named after islands located at the North of the British Isles, there was initial confusion at the beginning of the conflict when news were broadcast on the radio, and some people interpreted that Argentineans were invading Scotland.

I found this misunderstanding humorous and tragic at the same time. I like using humour as a decoy to spark in the spectator curiosity that it is afterwards followed by a deeper reflection, reaching other layers of meaning.

Decoy for Andean Condor
Polyurethane foam, synthetic rubber, paint and rope.
190 x 214 x 120 cm
Frieze sculpture park, London, 2011

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Interview in The Guardian 
Article in Ramona by Mónica Herrera


Photographs © Marcus Bastel

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